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Presby’s Inspired Life provides a dynamic and uplifting living experience for more than 3,000 senior adults in 34 communities throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

Our communities reflect the vibrancy, energy and pulse of the neighborhoods in which they are located…and we are proud of that connection. Our residents appreciate being a part of a living environment that holds true to its surroundings and embraces the diversity and culture of the greater community.

We offer a full spectrum of senior living options that have been designed to be as inviting as they are accommodating. For those looking to create a rich and engaging lifestyle, our residential environments offer a variety of customized options. Our continuing care environments are staffed by individuals who believe in their calling and who provide optimal support. And our affordable housing communities provide quality residential living space that brings peace of mind to our residents and opens up a world of possibility.


Residential Living

Residential Living offers residents an active, independent lifestyle in an apartment or cottage setting. Residents discover privacy, comfort and amenities to suit their own personal preferences. 

Offered at the following communities 

Personal Care

Personal Care offers personalized, supportive services for older adults who want to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle, but require some assistance accomplishing daily tasks. Our compassionate, experienced staff assists residents with their activities and endeavors to make each day flow as smoothly as possible. Memory support is also available at the personal care level at our Rydal Park and Spring Mill communities.

Offered at the following communities 

Nursing Care

24-hour nursing support, including therapeutic and rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational and speech/cognitive therapy and memory support programs are available through our Nursing Care program. Comfortable accommodations, outstanding medical staff and inclusive activity programs enhance, as well as enrich, the life of each resident. Our Nursing Care programs are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and are certified by both Medicare and Medicaid. 

Offered at the following communities 


Community Options

Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)

A CCRC offers multiple levels of living in which our residents enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle, combined with the security of knowing that additional assistance is available, should they need it. Residents know that if their needs change, the appropriate level of support is there - from residential living to Personal Care and Nursing Care, as well as Memory Support. 

Offered at the following communities 
Rydal Park
Rosemont (with Broomall as its Nursing Care center)

Affordable Housing Communities

Presby’s Inspired Life is committed to providing quality residential living environments for people of limited economic resources. In most instances, rents are only 30% of residents’ income. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), Presby’s Inspired Life offers inexpensive housing in beautiful and safe accommodations for low-income seniors in 31 locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area.

These tight-knit communities reflect the culture and flavor of their neighborhood and surroundings in architecture, art and activities. From Tai-Chi programs at On Lok to the old neighborhood feel of Jackson Place, residents are ensured independence, privacy and security in a setting where they can enjoy the company and fellowship with their neighbors.

Sponsored Affordable Housing Commuinties
Sponsored Affordable Residential Living is offered at the following communities 
Managed Affordable Housing
Presby’s Inspired Life is proud that the Boards of these communities have entrusted us with the management of the following communities 

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Jun 18, 2016
"I'm proud to be a benefactor of this fine ministry that seeks to enhance the quality of life for all residents. Through its charitable endeavors, Presby has turned possibility into reality for those in financial need, a legacy that began in 1955 upon our founding and continues to this day. I have the opportunity witness Presby's mission in action and that's why I continue to lend my support."
Harry “Skip” Dittmann
Board Member, Presby’s Inspired Life