A Year End Message From The President

December 30, 2015

We sang, we danced, we prayed, we ate cake (okay, a lot of cake), we remembered and most importantly we gave thanks, this year, for the ministry of Presby’s Inspired Life and the six decades it has spent in service to older adults. Our 60th Anniversary has, without a doubt, been one of the most memorable years I have experienced since I arrived 16 years ago. The root of my joy, however, is derived not by the number of years, but by what those years represent—and that’s commitment.


Commitment to:

  1. Our Residents – to provide an unparalleled level of care that enhances their quality of life.
  2. Their Families – to ensure them their loved ones receive compassionate care.
  3. Our Donors & Volunteers– that their investment of time and  treasure is stewarded appropriately and thoughtfully.
  4. Our Team Members– to helping them continue to develop themselves professionally and personally.
  5. Our Neighbors – that we will take care of our home and contribute to the vibrancy of the neighborhood.
  6. The Larger Community – that we will continue to seek and develop opportunities to expand our services in order to serve the growing older adult population in Greater Philadelphia.

With your continued support, we are poised to build on this great commitment and look forward to strengthening our impact in the years and decades ahead. May you and your loved ones enjoy a blessed holiday season and healthy New Year.