Fore the Love of the Game: Golf keeping Rydal Park these residents active

August 17, 2014


With Hal Grier and John Frazier

As spring rain yields to summer sun, many residents’ minds turn to the outdoors. For golfers, there is not much better than heading out to enjoy a round of 18 at one of the area’s many beautiful courses.

HAL: I’ve belonged to Manufacturers since 1978. I have also belonged to LuLu, which is now a public course. Both are right in the Rydal Park neighborhood, in addition to other public and private courses.

JOHN: Well, I’ve been a member at Huntingdon Valley twice. I was a member from ‘81 to ’97, then I retired and my wife and I decided to do other things. So I dropped out of Huntingdon Valley and then rejoined after I moved to Rydal Park.

There are lots of reasons to golf, from business to socializing to staying in shape. Whatever reason you prefer, Rydal Park residents find plenty of opportunities to play.

HAL: Manufacturers is four miles from Rydal Park, and I average about 50 rounds a year. Rydal Park is a healthy place to be, and golf is a fun way to stay active. That’s the way I look at it.

JOHN: Huntingdon Valley is only three miles from Rydal Park, and last year I played about 60 rounds. Golf was always great for entertaining customers or having business discussions. It’s a relaxed atmosphere. I tried to convince my sons that in the business world, golf’s an asset. They played lacrosse, but it just doesn’t translate.

One of the best things about doing what you love is accumulating a lifetime of fond memories. For the lucky few, a hole in one tops that list of stories.

JOHN: Long story short, years ago I had a heart catheterization and a stent. It was the first time I’d ever been in a hospital other than for the birth of my children. Within a week I was playing golf again. And a month after that I had a hole in one at Huntingdon Valley. The neat thing is I was playing with one of my sons, so Dad got to brag a little bit with his son watching. I got a nice trophy.

HAL: Mine was August of ’04, at Manufacturers, on our short eighth hole. They gave me a certificate from Golf Digest and printed my name in an issue. It was wonderful.

Spirited Living at Rydal Park means having the freedom to pursue the things you’re passionate about. For John and Hal, golfing also happens to help them stay active.