Inspired Journeys: Innovative program reinvents life for seniors with memory challenges

February 02, 2016

Inspired Journeys is Presby’s innovative new program to support residents and their families at Rydal Park, Spring Mill Presbyterian Village and Broomall Presbyterian Village, impacted by memory loss.

Presby’s Inspired Life set out to create a dynamic, innovative, research-based program that does not replicate the dated standards of “dementia care,” but instead reinvents life for seniors with memory challenges. The driving force behind this dynamic program is a strong focus on positive behaviors while encouraging creativity and self-direction.

To date there are 50-60 chronic conditions known to cause memory loss. The various diseases and conditions are often broadly referred to as “dementia.” About 60 percent of people who suffer from memory changes have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. However, it has been Presby’s experience that each person’s onset, progression, manifestation and prognosis vary widely. It is for this reason that Presby titled the program “Inspired Journeys.” Together with their loved ones, each person will live their own journey — a different path than any other. We, Presby’s Inspired Life, will offer the innovations and inspirations along the way. Inspired Journeys focuses on a person’s abilities and strengths—not his or her losses. With this shift in focus, a positive outlook is promoted such that caregivers and loved ones are encouraged to delight in a resident’s self-directed life with added inspiration.

To learn more about Inspired Journeys please contact Marina Hacking at