In 2011, Marjorie selected Tioga Presbyterian Apartments as her home. Confined to a wheelchair, and with limited resources, Marjorie chose a Presby senior community for a number of reasons: safety, affordability and quality. Familial comforts and attentive care are delivered by dedicated Presby caregivers who open their hearts to our residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Since Presby’s Inspired Life was established in 1955, it has evolved into one of the greater Philadelphia region’s most respected faith-based, not-for-profit organizations — providing independent living, personal care, memory care, short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care to more than 3,000 adults 62 and better, across over 30 market-rate and Affordable Housing communities.

Presby’s faith-based heritage has thrived and continues to serve as an inspiration to team members and a committed board of directors, who exemplify its mission of providing exceptional living experiences to adults 62 and better. In the midst of society’s rapid changes, the Presby reputation for excellence remains constant and synonymous with virtues of faith, hope and charity. Why give to Presby’s Inspired Life? Because residents like Marjorie are counting on us.


By 2030, older adults will account for 20 percent of the U.S. population. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania has become the fourth “oldest” state in the nation, with 2.7 million residents aged 60 or better. Competition for quality continuing care services remains intense, but in spite of competitive market conditions, Presby’s Inspired Life is uniquely positioned to enhance the lives of its residents through a wide array of services, sound fiscal practices and a steadfast commitment to compassionate care. Further, we are poised to promote quality experiences for a growing number of adults 62 and better, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnicities or economic backgrounds.


The facts:

  • 73 percent of the residents who seek comfort and safety within our sponsored Affordable Housing communities report annual incomes below $10,000 — lower than the Federal Poverty Level of $11,600 for 2014.
  • More than $5 million in benevolent care supports residents who have difficulty meeting the cost of their care because their resources have been depleted largely through ever-increasing health care costs.
  • Funding by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for vital social enrichment programs has been eliminated.
  • Presby continuously honors requests for assistance with medical bills and other health-related expenses from residents of our market-rate and Affordable Housing communities who are experiencing financial hardship.
  • A growing number of residents enter our communities with few essentials and without adequate resources to address vital needs.


We are a family here at Presby. What family members do best is support one another. “Compassionate care to me is giving people a level of living that more than just tends to their physical needs — it tends to their emotional needs as well,” said Carol Young, a Rydal Park resident and supporter of the Campaign for Compassionate Care. Carol’s friend lived in Greenway Presbyterian Apartments, one of four Affordable Housing communities on the campus of 58th Street in Southwest Philadelphia. Carol embraces the ministry on the 58th Street campus which serves about 250 low-income residents. She is proud that her gifts are giving her friends the type of social enrichment and exposure to arts and culture she enjoys at Rydal Park.

“When you care about someone, it’s probably because you love them and are concerned about their welfare, which is what this (the Campaign for Compassionate Care) is all about,” said Carol.

For Betty Sieber, a Rydal Park resident and supporter, it’s seeing that Presby’s high level of care continues to be lived and experienced by all who call a Presby community home. “Compassion is really what it is all about,” said Betty. “That’s what Presby does best — provide compassionate care.”

We have a vision that is uplifting and rewarding. We invite you to join Carol, Betty and many others in sharing your energy, your time and your resources to help us so that we may can help others. Through a philanthropic partnership with Presby’s mission, you can be involved in our remarkable legacy. Will you join us?